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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop the physical, mental, and emotional skills of our competitive basketball players. We succeed by providing competent instruction and guidance, as well as, by connecting and inspiring each player to consistently strive to try THEIR BEST!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy of development is based on the principles of CARE, CONNECT and COMMIT.

This philosophy is what we are about at Basketball Paradise. We share this with our athletes in hopes that they will understand how much we value them and how much we hope they will value their coaches, their teammates and themselves.



The genuine sense of the word CARE comes from a passionate and engaged heart. We only hire coaches that have “heart” and contagious enthusiasm that inspires our athletes. We know the type of character that is necessary to play the game successfully; so we CARE about teaching our athletes the importance of focus, self-discipline, risk taking, respect for others, and hard work. We set our standards high, but are nurturing and responsive to our athletes’ efforts in reaching these standards and achieving their goals. We sincerely do CARE that our athletes have desire and motivation. A desire to take on the responsibility to CARE about the type of athlete they are and the motivation to develop the athlete they can become.


CONNECT is the action part of our plan, the physical movement of our equation; the point where CARE is infused with energy and the relationship between coach and athlete reach a new level. More specifically, CONNECT is the Communication of our Inspiration. Our coaches connect with our athletes on an individual level by learning their strengths, weaknesses and emotional attitudes and then formulate a plan for improvement. This plan involves instructional repetition, because without instruction, repetition can be detrimental to development. So we stop our athletes during drills and correct their play with an eye for detail and CARE for their development. We also CONNECT with our athletes through communicating the how, why, and when skills should be used in the game. We do this because we respect the intellect of our athletes and we allow for the freedom to seize opportunities on the court when situations arise. We recognize that from knowledge comes confidence and from confidence, self-worth.


Basketball Paradise feels strongly about our commitment to player development, so strongly that in fact, it is the foundation on which our program was built. We pledge our full efforts to COMMIT to each athlete’s development by caring and connecting in the ways we have described.


If we don’t have athletes that CARE to CONNECT and COMMIT to their personal goals, their coaches and their teammates, then there is a missing factor to the equation. But when all these factors are in place, the sum of the equation is infinite and the possibilities are endless.




THAT THE QUALITY OF INSTRUCTION MATTERS significantly in the player’s overall experience and development results. We recognize the importance of coaches who care, connect, and commit. We train our coaches on Basketball Paradise’s methodology and system, as well as create an internal environment where coaches network, mentor and learn from each other.


IN HONORING OUR COMMITMENT TO PARENTS who have entrusted their most precious gift to our care. We evaluate each athlete based on their skill level and find an appropriate class or team where they can be encouraged and developed to maximize their full potential.


IN TEACHING ATHLETIC & BASKETBALL SKILL DEVELOPMENT that supports and enhances our athlete’s emotional intelligence by methods that have proven to strengthen their athleticism, improve their basketball skills, and sharpen their “mental side”.


IN CREATING AN ATMOSPHERE where our athletes are willing to take risks. We encourage our athletes to get out of their comfort zone, to innovate, and grow.


IN CELEBRATING OUR ATHLETES’ improvements and accomplishments by offering open, honest, and direct communication by process driven experts.


IN VALIDATING OUR ATHLETES by taking time to listen. We recognize the fact that by paying attention and being respectful, we can answer any one athlete’s question and all of our athletes learn a lesson.




"What we are is God's gift to us; What we become is our gift to God"




The Basketball Paradise Code of Excellence is a list of ideals that we are mindful of and that our coaches refer to and talk about at practices and games. They are part of our culture and we expect our athletes to be aware of them.


Motivational Coach Zig Ziglar said, "I don't care how much power or brilliance you have...if you don't harness it...and focus it on a specific target and hold it're never going to accomplish as much as your ability warrants."


  • Be mindful of your personal core values

  • Set attainable short term goals and have positive thoughts on achieving them

  • Be optimistic and have a positive attitude

  • Come to practice and games with a desire to work hard and to always do your best

  • Have the courage to use the newly developed skills in game action - out of comfort zones

  • Be respectful of teammates

  • Be mentally focused to block out distractions

  • Be mentally tough to cope with anxiety and frustrations on the court

  • Be understanding about things that don’t always go your way and be ready to move onto the next play and the next opportunity

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