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Private Skills Training
 Experience Unmatched Development and Professional Coaching

One-on-One sessions are designed to give each player the individual attention in order to improve their basketball ability and take their game to the next skill level. Sessions focus on assessing the players strengths and weaknesses and in developing an individual workout that will build the foundation for growth. The player is given instruction so they can progress and improve. Catch and pivot, free throw shooting, defense, ball-handling, quickness, stamina, movement without the ball, shooting with and without the dribble, low post moves, as well as other aspects of the game of basketball are evaluated and improved upon each training session. Sessions are personal and designed to take the time allotted to improve that player's skill level and develop confidence and consistency in their abilities so they can advance in the game of basketball, and meet their personal basketball goals.


1 Session - $100

3 Sessions - $285

5 Sessions - $450

Sessions will be scheduled on the basis on our facility/coaches availability. All sessions will be full-filled within a 6-week time frame of purchase.

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